ECG launches its new resuscitation equipment range.

After 15 years of providing resuscitation training, amongst other subjects, we are now launching our new range of resuscitation equipment, which will allow our customers to purchase items they may need within a primary care setting.

As a company we are passionate about as many people as possible being trained in CPR including how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED). As a result, this year we have launched our ‘Saving Lives in MK’ Campaign where we are offering any ‘non-healthcare’ group in Milton Keynes to learn those life savings skills for free.

To date we have trained Solicitors, Architects, Parks Trust staff, Sailing Clubs, Running Clubs and Football Clubs! With so many more public access defibrillators around now, we are keen for as many people as possible to have the confidence in how to use them as people are still scared to pick one up and trust its instructions.

Now the new range of resuscitation equipment is available from our online shop, we are hoping that it will make it easier for our healthcare and non-healthcare organisations to be able to purchase this lifesaving equipment with the knowledge that our clinical team will be here supporting them through the process.

If you wish for more information about AEDs or would like to purchase one, please contact us.

We also provide lots of vaccination training for Pharmacists and regularly get asked about where they can purchase a pocket mask from, to prepare their emergency equipment for their clinics. Many find it difficult buying single items, so we want to break down those barriers.

The new range of resuscitation equipment includes:

Spare AED pads
Emergency grab bag and contents
Manual resuscitators/Bag Valve Masks
Pocket face masks

In the future we hope to add to this list, but we believe this supports the current needs of many of our customers. Ensuring you are prepared for an emergency includes having the right equipment, and then making sure staff are appropriately trained to use it. We can now help you with both!

Written by Alan Williams 10th October 2017