A Day in The Life of a Vaccine Trainer

This week I returned to the world of delivering a Vaccine Training session for ECG. Having been on maternity leave for the last year and returning to work in recent weeks in the ECG office as a Clinical Advisor, it was brilliant to return to being hands on for the day in a training session. So here is a bit of an insight into the role of the vaccine trainer.

I spent the day working with my colleague Carol, so when we first arrive, nice and early to set up in plenty of time, we decide which elements of the session we are each going to deliver. Carol was a Practice Nurse in her previous career and I have a background as a Paramedic, so the choice was obvious, Carol would deliver the vaccine session and I would deliver the Adverse Reactions and Basic Life Support sessions.

We welcomed the delegates for the day along with a trainer from the client’s organisation and set the scene so they knew what to expect!

We start our sessions and we know exactly what to deliver, so although the content is always the same, the flow of the session can vary depending on the personalities in the group. It is our job as a trainer to identify those who are very confident, just need a refresher and can share their knowledge and experience with the group; and to find those who are not so confident and use the session to empower them.

The feeling you get when you have worked with someone who is a little nervous, and they finish the session saying they really enjoyed it and feel totally confident is a great one!

I also saw a couple of pharmacists who have returned from a previous year that I have trained, and hearing their experiences of how they got on in practice is always lovely!

So our day came to a close, all of our pharmacists passed and we are totally confident in their skills. We know that if a relative of ours were to be dealt with by them, they would be in good hands, and I always like to use this as a benchmark!

The pharmacists on our courses are always a great bunch to work with, they are without exception, always interested, quick to pick up the content and engage in the sessions really well. I had a thoroughly wonderful day being back in the thick of it, and I look forward to my next session.

Meanwhile, I am retuning to the office to send our paperwork in for authentication and audit and to my role as Clinical Advisor, safe in the knowledge that we have over 100 other trainers out there delivering the ECG experience to thousands of other pharmacists around the country.

Written by Sophie McCracken 17th August 2017