CPR Training For Healthcare Providers - Even Experienced Staff Can Still Learn

CPR training for healthcare providers is just as important as it always was. While we have a tendency to think that a trained member of healthcare staff will be able to properly give CPR, this is something that cannot be taken for granted. Like any other skill that hasn't been used for some time, imperfections and fears can creep in.

For example, a 2012 study was performed in two Swedish hospitals where the researchers asked questions to healthcare professionals undergoing CPR training both before and afterwards. They found that across all groups of healthcare professionals (including physicians, nurses and others), staff felt more comfortable in their knowledge of CPR after education. They also found that anxiety of nurses and assistant nurses in regards to correct the procedure of CPR was reduced. Many healthcare professionals, irrespective of their background, can still be concerned by infection via mouth to mouth ventilation. Yet the study found that concerns regarding this fear dramatically reduced before and after training – particularly in physicians – by about 75%. This study, as aforementioned, covered all healthcare professionals at these two hospitals. Given that this is somewhere that we would expect CPR to be regularly trained to staff, it demonstrates just how much benefit regular medical training in CPR can bring to healthcare professionals. So if you are running a healthcare facility, a residential home or a premises with a large number of people on-site, it can be a good idea to consider the benefits of teaching (or re-teaching) medical and/or non-medical staff the principles of CPR.

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