CPR Instructor Training - The Importance of CPR In The Workplace

CPR instructor training used to be something that was just taught to the people who needed it in the workplace. However, as recognition of the time dependency behind some life-threatening conditions grows, more and more businesses feel it is their responsibility to be able to safeguard the health of their staff, non-staff and customers/clients.

CPR training is the perfect example. When it comes to a heart attack or a cardiac arrest, properly performed CPR – taught in classes by an instructor with certification – can massively increase the chances of someone's survival. It can take as few as six minutes for someone's brain to die if not being supplied by oxygenated blood. CPR can help supply such oxygen; and can therefore prevent serious brain injuries from occurring. Not only that, but heart attacks and cardiac arrests can happen anywhere – including at the workplace. People are more likely to perform CPR aid on someone they know. There's no replacement for the expertise and medical training of paramedics or medical technicians. But an employee performing CPR could be the difference between an ambulance taking away a person with a chance of survival, or a person with no chance of survival, to the hospital. For these reasons, and more, it’s a good idea to consider introducing training in resuscitation and CPR for employees – particularly if you have a large workforce or a lot of customers on your premises. This can also be an important consideration if the premises are in a secluded location, or a high-traffic area. Both factors can affect the chances of an ambulance arriving in time to save the person's life.

By now, you should understand why CPR can be such an important tool in workplace training. But you'll still want to find quality CPR instructor training at an affordable price. ECG can help with just that. Please visit https://ecgtraining.co.uk/, call on 0845 423 8993 or email enquiries@ecgtraining.co.uk to get in touch about our courses providing training in CPR.