CPR Defibrillator Training - Should You Have A Defibrillator On Your Business Premises?

CPR defibrillator training is something many businesses consider offering their employees every year. Of course, this training in CPR is best utilised when organisations have AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) available for use on their premises in case of a cardiac arrest. Should you purchase an automated external defibrillator and introduce training in CPR into your business?

With the introduction of AEDs in preference to manual defibrillators, and growing public awareness of resuscitation, CPR and defibrillator devices, employers now think more seriously about providing basic medical training and equipment, as well as CPR training and attendant provisions. In fact, many businesses have expressed fears of bad publicity and accusations of negligence. What if a member of the public suffers a cardiac arrest while on their premises and there is no AED or employees with training in CPR there to help? There have been no legal cases brought against any companies in the UK regarding a lack of AED or CPR on business premises so far. However, two airline companies were successfully sued in America because there was no AED available for passengers who suffered cardiac arrests while mid-flight. UK Guidelines indicate that very few workplaces are automatically expected to have an automated defibrillator and CPR provisions in place. This is usually reserved for those working with harsh chemicals. So basic first aid provisions and training may be enough for some workplaces. Yet under English Law, there is the possibility of being accused of negligence if your organisation has failed to take the appropriate precautions to safeguard the health and safety of those on your premises.

For this reason, and more, CPR defibrillator training and the purchase of an AED can be considered a good investment. At ECG, our manual instructor and teacher team of healthcare professionals can show your employees the basics of first aid, CPR and how to operate a defibrillator successfully. Call us on 0845 423 8993, email enquiries@ecgtraining.co.uk or visit https://ecgtraining.co.uk/ for more details.