CPR Certification Training - Why Good Training Makes The Difference

CPR certification training is something a number of different workplaces look to offer to their staff. Whether they are working in a residential home or a bar, many companies see the importance of having staff who are ready to respond to a potentially tragic situation. And it's good training that can make all the difference.

In today's world, many millions of people across the globe have been given CPR training. It's a trend that has continued to grow over the past couple of decades as companies take on more of a socially responsible outlook to both their staff and their customers/non-staff's health and well-being. Despite this, when someone collapses from a cardiac arrest, relatively few bystanders attempt to help. It's thought that, of all the people who could be helped with CPR before paramedics or medical technicians arrive, less than one-third actually receive that assistance. Panic, recall and worries about not doing the right thing are often up there as reasons as to why so many people suffer from the dreaded 'bystander effect'. However, these are all effects that can be remedied with good medical training. Training in basic resuscitation techniques on a regular basis can help staff to retain knowledge and feel more empowered when in that pressure 'life and death' situation. This sort of training need not be rather extensive or costly; it just needs to be done correctly and create an impact on your staff. It's all about finding the right team of experts to train your team of learners.

At ECG, we are that team of experts. Our professionals have outstanding experience in the healthcare industry, meaning that we only offer the best training. Our programme includes both CPR certification training and accredited first aid courses that meet your legal obligations. To find out more about the courses we offer, just head over to https://ecgtraining.co.uk/, call us on 0845 423 8993 or email enquiries@ecgtraining.co.uk.