CPR And First Aid Training - Is It Worth It?

CPR and first aid training is essential in some workplaces – such as those working with harsh chemicals. But in other environments, the provisions for first aid can be rather basic. Companies can be reluctant to invest in staff training as it is, so why provide more than the essentials when it comes to first aid?

Basic medical training and CPR training can save lives. It's a very powerful thought. While money might be spent on many different training courses, it will often be the case that these skills fail to transcend the workplace. But CPR and basic first aid training can do just that. This can help motivate staff and can be seen as a way of encouraging further engagement in other training courses. It also shows a commitment towards your staff's safety, demonstrating to them that your company cares about their well-being. Additionally, you may be an organisation that has many clients and customers coming through your doors. Given that cardiac arrests can happen at any time and to anyone, your staff may end up saving the life of a valued customer or client. If a staff member or customer were to suffer a cardiac arrest in your workplace, it undoubtedly would have a profound effect on staff – as well as their productivity. Training of these basic techniques can help staff feel that they're prepared for scenarios that would otherwise be out of their control. Essentially, a potential tragedy can be averted and its negative effects on all involved can be mitigated through such training.

So who can provide your team with affordable, quality and up-to-date CPR and first aid training in the UK? ECG can help. We train everyone from doctors, to pharmacists – even teachers and beyond. To find out more about our team and to book us for a training session, visit https://ecgtraining.co.uk/, call 0845 423 8993 or email enquiries@ecgtraining.co.uk.