Why choose ECG for your training?

There are plenty of options of training providers out there that you could choose to deliver your training, so what makes us so special? ECG was created 15 years ago by nurse, Jane Lambert who had a mission to make mandatory training fun, engaging, enjoyable and a positive learning environment. This ethos is still at the heart of what we do.

As our trainers are either nurses or Paramedics, patient care is another of our core values, meaning we want you to leave the training session feeling confident in the skills you have learned; so if a patient needs your help, they will be in the best possible hands.

Our trainers are picked, not only for their hands on experience, which makes the training session much more valuable, but also for their sparkling personalities so some fun is injected into the sessions! You’ll find our trainers are supportive to those that need a little more encouragement, and respectful and draw on experiences of those who are more confident.

Quality. We ensure our courses are of the highest possible quality. Our clinical team in the office are continually reviewing our courses, ensuring they are up to date, and have the best resources available. Many of our courses are externally CPD certified and our Clinical Governance Team (including a GP, Pharmacist, Nurse and Paramedic) review our content regularly. We are also ISO 9001 Quality Standard Accredited.

Advice. Our clinical team are always available in the office if you need some advice. Maybe you have a question about which type of training you require, or you have a clinical question that has arisen since your training, get in touch and we’ll try to help.

Our Co-ordinating team makes the booking process simple and efficient. They’ll arrange a time, date and location that is convenient to you. We can come to you or you can use our training room at our offices. We can deliver training during weekdays, evenings or weekends to accommodate your needs.

 So whatever your needs, get in touch with us. Our experience of training thousands of healthcare professionals each year means we are ideally suited to help you.

Written by Sophie McCracken 21st June 2017