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Feedback from our vaccine clients

Each year ECG has trained more and more Pharmacists in vaccine training. The feedback we receive is excellent and our trainers are very committed to delivery a high standard of training.

We hope that our HQ and Clinical Team equally support this service offered to a very wide range of clients now. This year it looks like we will be training around 10,000 Pharmacists. That’s great!

We asked Dipen from Pharmaplus Ltd to comment on their experience of using our services over the past 4 years, this is what he said:

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A Day in The Life of a Vaccine Trainer

This week I returned to the world of delivering a Vaccine Training session for ECG. Having been on maternity leave for the last year and returning to work in recent weeks in the ECG office as a Clinical Advisor, it was brilliant to return to being hands on for the day in a training session. So here is a bit of an insight into the role of the vaccine trainer.

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Tips on reconstituting vaccines

It gets a bit more complicated when you move from providing flu vaccines to travel vaccines, on our courses we will always cover how to do this, but it takes practise! Some vaccines are supplied in a pre-filled syringe, others need to be reconstituted before use. Vaccines should be reconstituted when required, not in advance of an immunisation session, to avoid errors and maintain vaccine efficacy and stability

To reconstitute…….

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