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Meet a trainer

We asked Marius, one of our trainers to say a bit more about his clinical experience and the work that he does with us:

“I have been a freelance ECG clinical instructor since September 2016 and proudly deliver BLS, ILS, ECG recording & interpretation, vaccine and venepuncture training to healthcare professionals around the UK.

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Why choose ECG for your training?

There are plenty of options of training providers out there that you could choose to deliver your training, so what makes us so special? ECG was created 15 years ago by nurse, Jane Lambert who had a mission to make mandatory training fun, engaging, enjoyable and a positive learning environment. This ethos is still at the heart of what we do.

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Why our trainers like training!

We asked Caroline to explain why she enjoys training for our company:

“I am a state registered Paramedic and have been working for ECG Training for three years now.  I had thought about trying my hand at training for some time as after being on the road for over 20 years the toll of long shifts, particularly night shifts was beginning to be felt.

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What makes our trainers special?

Our team of trainers are one of our special talents when it comes to training. You, along with us, have no doubt sat in mandatory training sessions during your career that are nothing more than death by PowerPoint! You may have left the session with no more knowledge and just as many anxieties that you started with. Perhaps you even felt patronised. We have all been there and that is why our mantra is to change that attitude towards training.

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