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Child Safety Week – Burns

As part of Child Safety Week, we are sharing some first aid advice for children so you can always be prepared, just in case.

Burns and scalds are a serious problem amongst children, with the under 5’s being the most at risk. The most common types of burns are scalds caused by from pulling mugs of hot drinks over and from contact burns, and in particular from hair straighteners and irons. They can range from a superficial burn that affects the top layer of skin, to a full thickness burn that is much deeper.

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CPR Training

Why should CPR be taught in schools?

There is an ongoing debate as to whether first aid training should be incorporated into the curriculum and at this time, it is not. Many schools choose to add this into their teaching, but with budgets tight and curriculums full, it is often sadly missed. We know that in England the ambulance services attempt resuscitation in approximately 28,000 people, of whom less than 10% survive. A total of 270 children die every year of sudden cardiac arrest at school, and four of every five cardiac arrests that happen out of hospitals occur in the home, yet often nobody starts CPR because they don’t know what to do.

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Taking care of your family’s health this Easter

As we approach a much anticipated Bank Holiday weekend, it is important to make sure everyone is prepared for the expected and unexpected. Have you got enough prescribed medication to last for the long weekend? Many minor injuries or illnesses can be treated at home with some simple supplies. Have you stocked up on painkillers, anti-diarrhoeal medicine, rehydration mixture, indigestion remedy and cold remedies? Also, don’t forget your first aid kit.

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