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Now you’re running with your flu clinics’ – what else to consider.

You’re fully trained to administer vaccines and you’re now up and running with your flu clinic. So is there anything else you could be doing?

A good place to start is always your peer mentors. Find someone who’s an old hat at running a flu clinic and pick their brain…it’s often the little hints and tips that help to make things run smoothly.

Next on your list should be a stepwise approach to look at any barriers and turn them around, maximise the offering you have now and then take things to another level by looking for new opportunities.

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Alan’s first month at ECG

I began my ECG career at the start of September 2017 after a 10 year tenure within the education/care sector and spending the later part of my career managing a marketing business.

My time spent at ECG has been a great balance of learning something new every single day, being supported by a wealth of colleagues, development meetings and 1:1 support learning all arms of the pharmaceutical training business and ECG branding.

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