Basic Training Vaccinations - Why These Skills Could Be Important To Your Pharmacy

Basic training vaccinations and basic immunisation training courses have seen a massive upsurge over the past decade. This is thanks to relaxing of governmental rules on vaccinations which has allowed private companies to offer basic flu and travel vaccination services to the general public.

In particular, basic travel vaccinations offer a terrific source of income for pharmacies of all sizes. The stats really speak for themselves. By April 2016, a whopping 12 million British national residents had already travelled abroad in less than four months. Amongst those 12 million, many will have headed off to places where diseases may be contracted or may be prevalent among the local populace. To counteract this, they need travel vaccinations. Just a decade ago, they would have gone to their GP to get immunised; but these days, the job is more likely to be done by primary care nurses or, more commonly, by private pharmacies. For this reason, basic vaccination training is extremely important. This is not just because the provision of vaccines and immunisation is a public service, but also because this basic training opens up a new market to pharmacists. Long gone are the days when foreign holidays were for the privileged few: discount deals now allow a wider range of people to travel abroad. While this may have affected any decisions you had about offering travel vaccination medical training in the past, today's figures show that we are a nation of holidaymakers.

Not to worry if you feel you need to play catch up with this service – ECG is here to help with training. We offer basic training vaccinations and basic immunisation training courses to pharmacists who are taking on vaccinations for the first time. We are also here to provide refresher training to other pharmacists. To see what training courses we're currently offering, please visit https://ecgtraining.co.uk/. If you have any questions about our training classes, just call 0845 423 8993 or email enquiries@ecgtraining.co.uk.