Basic CPR Training Can Help Save A Life

Basic CPR training in the workplace, no matter what the workplace, can save lives. When an employee or a non-staff member – such as a student, a client or a customer – is taken ill, our first instinct is to call for an ambulance. But by providing training in CPR for your employees, you can help them save lives.

When people suffer from heart attacks or cardiac arrests outside of a hospital, their chances of survival are significantly improved on receiving CPR from a bystander. It's thought that less than a third of people will get this necessary CPR. People can try to emulate what they think CPR is, or they will be guided through the process over the phone by the emergency operator, but often the 'bystander effect' will take over. They wait for the ambulance because they're scared that they do something wrong. Of course, doing something is better than doing nothing in cases of heart attacks and cardiac arrests. CPR doesn't save someone's life in itself, but it buys crucial time for professionals to arrive who can help further. With blood flow and oxygen to the brain and heart so restricted, CPR really can dramatically increase a person's chance of survival at hospital. This is where CPR training can make a difference. It, of course, teaches staff how to perform CPR; and the better the medical training they receive, the better they will be at delivering it when called upon. Therefore, it's important to find a skilled CPR trainer.

All our trainers at ECG are qualified and have worked in the area in which they teach – making them best placed to teach basic CPR training. To book a training session today and benefit from our team's expertise, just visit https://ecgtraining.co.uk/, call on 0845 423 8993 or email us via enquiries@ecgtraining.co.uk.