Basic Life Support

Intermediate Life Support Level 3 (CSTF)

Dental Immediate Life Support (DILS) Level 3 (CSTF)

Medical Emergencies for Practices

Dental Immediate Life Support (DILS) Level 3 (CSTF)

Dental Immediate Life Support (DILS) Level 3 (CSTF)

This one day course is aimed at Registered Dental Nurses and Dentists who provide conscious sedation within their practice.

Linked to the Standards for Conscious Sedation in the Provision of Dental Care 2015, this course covers:

  • Planning for Resuscitation (adults and children)
  • Human Factors affecting emergency management
  • Assessing an unwell patient
  • Adult & Child BLS
  • Airway management
  • Anaphylaxis, Fitting and Fainting

Duration – Full course 1 day, update half day


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Learning objectives – To equip the participant with sufficient knowledge and skills to:

  • apply the ABCDE approach to assess a patient at risk
  • be able to recognise and manage a Seriously Ill Child or Adult
  • recognise cardiac arrest and provide effective basic life support
  • summon appropriate help and equipment
  • recognise and manage sedation related complications
  • demonstrate the safe and appropriate use of the defibrillator (manual or AED depending on setting requirements)
  • demonstrate the skills and knowledge to provide simple airway management for an unwell patient. Including airway positioning, airway insertion, pocket mask and bag-valve-mask use, oxygen and suction use, and ongoing re-assessment of the patient
  • demonstrate knowledge of the Resuscitation Council’s treatment algorithms for BLS and AED

Learning outcomes will be achieved through assessment of Practical airway management, BLS, AED and successful completion of a question paper

Location – Training can be delivered on-site at your venue