Anaphylaxis – Recognition and initial management

Anaphylaxis – Recognition and initial management*

The training covers basic physiology, recognition and management of anaphylaxis. The use of adrenaline is included with training in the use of an auto-injector if required. This course is offered in isolation or can be combined with BLS.

Duration – 1.5 hours


Location – This training can be delivered on site at your venue.

*We also offer an online training course, which can be taken on demand, using a PC, laptop, iPad or other tablet, or smartphone

Anaphylaxis online training course – £25.00 (inc VAT)

Courses often combined with this include:

Emergency Administration of Adrenaline

    • Use of auto injectors
    • Drawing up from ampoules

Also available:

  • Anaphylaxis and Epipen course for non-Healthcare Professionals

Please contact us to discuss these and any other options