Theory of vaccination (online)

Theory of Vaccination (online)

This course has been designed to complement our practical skills courses. It is aimed at providing pharmacists with sufficient knowledge around the practical skills of vaccinating adult patients (12+), as well as the ability to recognise and manage adverse reactions.

It has been written in line with guidelines issued by the Department of Health, the Health Protection Agency and the Resuscitation Council UK, and based on the clinical experience of our professional trainers.

Recent Feedback:
“Well organised, informative and easy to follow.”
“Concise yet highly informative and most importantly enjoyable and easy to assimilate. Excellent material.”


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Learning Objectives:

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • reference information specified within Patient Group Directions (PGDs)
  • describe the appropriate storage and handling of vaccines
  • prepare your consultation room, equipment, vaccine and patient for their vaccination
  • determine the correct administration of vaccines
  • describe the required documentation, record keeping and reporting in relation to vaccinations
  • recognise and manage anaphylaxis and other adverse reactions