Alan’s first month at ECG

I began my ECG career at the start of September 2017 after a 10 year tenure within the education/care sector and spending the later part of my career managing a marketing business.

My time spent at ECG has been a great balance of learning something new every single day, being supported by a wealth of colleagues, development meetings and 1:1 support learning all arms of the pharmaceutical training business and ECG branding.

It has been a busy few weeks settling in, finding my feet and embracing the big change in my career but one I have enjoyed immensely and that is in part because of so many helpful, nice and supportive team members – they all rock!

My day to day duties include leading front line customer service and technical support via email, phone and social media covering all forms of queries including e-learning solutions, back-end platforms and website management, search engine optimisation, image and photography editing and social media marketing whilst continuing to provide exceptional customer service the ECG brand is most famous for.

In the last 10 years I have worked with many teams but the work ethic and ethos of ECG makes it a great reason to be part of the company. I am an “out of the” box thinker and both Victoria Garratt and Jane Lambert are always willing to listen to my new and wacky ideas in furthering the brand and image of the company. I always look forward to coming into work and what the new day will bring, it’s an adventure to be sure…

There are many exciting times happening for ECG and it’s future but most of all I feel privileged and honoured to be a part of it. I very much look forward to growing in my career, growing with a great team and growing with ECG. Thank you.

Written by Alan Williams 29th September 2017

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