Administering Injections Training - Tips For Those Performing Flu Jabs

Administering injections training courses are highly sought after in the UK today. Due to governmental relaxation on the ability for pharmacies to offer flu and travel vaccinations, uptake of vaccinations has increased dramatically. In order to perform vaccinations, pharmacists need to keep their skills up to date according to mandatory guidelines.

While there is only a requirement for face-to-face flu vaccination training every two years, it is still advised that pharmacies provide medical training before the flu season to make sure staff are still up-to-date on their vaccination techniques. This need not be face-to-face, but can be done via an online training provider. One of the most common mistakes that can happen during flu season, due to the high volume of people coming through the doors for flu jabs, is mixing up medicines. This can be done due to poor placement and categorisation, or through mixing up similarly named products. Another simple step is to check the expiry date of the vaccination being used. While this may seem an obvious tip, we can easily fall into the assumption that medicine and vaccines will be in date. Oversights happen. Also, hygiene is incredibly important. It can be so easy to take shortcuts when it comes to hygiene – particularly if the pharmacist is feeling overworked during a busy period. However, poor hygiene can have both a detrimental effect on the quality of the vaccine and may also bring about complications. Always wash your hands; always wear gloves.

These are just some basic reminders when it comes to immunisation. However, when it comes to administering injections training, an online theory refresher course can really help your staff recall the basics of vaccination techniques. ECG offers this professional course, which has been used by some of the most widely recognised pharmacies in the UK. To see about purchasing our course, just visit https://ecgtraining.co.uk/, email enquiries@ecgtraining.co.uk or give us a call on 0845 423 8993.