A new Chaperoning (online) Course

ECG is very pleased to announce a new online Chaperoning course with our new partners at Nimble Elearning.

This course has been re-designed from the ground up by our in-house Clinical Support team to work as a great alternative to face to face training, or as a refresher. Being online means 24/7 course access, ideal for tablets, smartphones and laptops. Similar to our previous Chaperoning course it is for non-clinical staff such as GP receptionists and care staff who may be asked to act as a chaperone and need some formal training. The new online course will include an array of support materials including the use of pictures and interactive activities, an online assessment and certificate of successful course completion.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

Describe what is meant by the term chaperone

Recognise the need for a chaperone in a practice

Describe what is meant by an intimate examination

Communicate the rights of the patient

Describe your role as a chaperone

Communicate the service to patients

This Chaperoning course is designed to give you the fundamental building blocks of the needs of a Chaperone. It should be used in conjunction with your Chaperone Policy that is in operation at your Practice. Please note, it does not cover how specific procedures or examinations should be carried out, this should be discussed with a Clinician who is familiar with your local policies and procedures.

It is exciting times here at ECG and we are delighted with the new products and services we are able to offer you. Keep up to date with our latest news on our website, news and notices or simply give us a call in the office on 0845 423 8993.

Note: An on-site Chaperoning course is also available.








About Nimble Elearning:

Nimble have developed a unique online tool that is now in use by companies including Costa Coffee, GoApe! and EasyJet to deliver their online training.

All companies have a learning and development requirement and Nimble understand how crucial it is for companies to provide critical compliance training. This is most important and essential in areas such as healthcare, health and safety, security and the safeguarding of children.

Nimble’s innovative online platform makes it super easy for companies to instantly and effortlessly build their own elearning courses using Nimble Author or tailor and customise them from a diverse portfolio of high-quality professional training courses in a wide range of subject areas. Courses are released to their teams and Nimble’s straightforward tools and resources give users the ability to track learning journeys, assess knowledge and evidence course completion.

Nimble® makes elearning easy, approachable and affordable. For further information please check out: www.trynimble.com

Written by Alan Williams 23rd October 2017

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