Chaperoning training for General Practice non-clinical staff*

This course has been designed for non-clinical staff such as GP receptionists, who may be asked to act as a chaperone and need some formal training.

It has been written in line with the guidance from the General Medical Council, Royal College of Nursing, Medical Protection Society and CQC, and based on the clinical experience of our professional trainers.


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Course Objectives:

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • know what is meant by the term chaperone
  • recognise the need for a chaperone in a practice
  • describe what is meant by an intimate examination
  • explain the rights of the patient
  • describe your role as a chaperone
  • communicate the service to patients

NOTE: This course does not list all possible intimate examinations and how they should appropriately be carried out. You will need to work with your team of healthcare professionals to develop that knowledge.

* An online Chaperoning course is also available (immediate access)